KIOSK Digital Locker Services

Being revise by Legal Dept [Current as of July 1, 2017] provides its Customers with a UNIQUE portal to DownLoad content onto the product-key purchased.

The Customer must purchase a {TOKEN} & a LICENSE-KEY in order to fully use the service.

The TOKEN grants access (Read-Only) to our FTP servers showing what content we offer in a catalog state! [Observation Mode]

The LICENSE_KEY allows tracking of copyrighted materials to ensure royalty payouts when the content is downloaded.

Steps in Using This Service:

Purchase the (TOKEN) via paypal, upon completion you will get an EMAIL conrirmation with USERID and temporarypassword to enter the SECURE-site.  The TOKEN is valid for 90 DAYS only

Select the content you wish to VIEW and it will be made available in the DIGITAL-LOCKER room awaiting the license KEY!

Step 2  Obtaining LICENSE-KEY via LINK below you can order up to 30 MOVIES at one time.  The content will be reserved for you in the VAULT to be loaded onto your PRODUCT-KEY! aka WristBand

Depending on the size KEY you ordered (16/32gb) some may not fit unless you upgrade to PREMIUM 256GB key!!! at additional costs $$$

Step 3: We can pre-load the movies onto the product-key for you at no additional costs and ship to you via USPS Media Pack.  the USPS Media packs are RE-Usable so please don't destroy THEM!!!

Step 4: The Product-Key is Re-Usable and can be erased and reprogrammed anytime. The data can be also transferred to your smart TV or home computer as its YOURS to Keep!!!

Step 5:  Happy Mobile Viewing---> (See disclaimer & Terms Of Service for more Deatils)


Buton coming soom

Premium 256GB

How Many DownLoads
10 Downloads $9.95 USD
20 Downloads $15.95 USD
30 Downloads $25.95 USD

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